Designing Hypermedia APIs

Sample Chapter

Oct 29, 2013

Today, I'm happy to announce two things: The first chapter of "Designing Hypermedia APIs" is at 'first-draft' status, and that I'm releasing it as a free chapter.

First chapter? If you remember, I've re-organized the content, and future updates will feel more like a normal book and less like a capture of stream of conciousness. This chapter, on "affordances," is the first chapter in this new style. It's not perfect! In fact, I'm kind of bummed that on my computer, adding 日本語 to the text doesn't work. I'm temporarily using the roman characters instead. But it's in a good enough state for you to read.

Where to get it

Just click the link to get a copy of the sample chapter Affordances, or "I don't know what I'm doing." I hope you like it!

As always, you can buy a full copy of the book in three different formats!